Sunday, 8 July 2012

Frenzy The Ninja B3ar

      Recently, I’ve started playing Call of Duty: Black Ops again.
      Firstly, because a friend of mine has still got my copy of Modern Warfare 3 (hey you need to give it back already, Sneaky!) – but also due to this one guy:

      A personal friend of mine for many years, Frenzy has his fingers in a few pies - but recently he has taken to uploading commentaries of himself playing Black Ops.

      Now this in itself isn’t that special. Youtube is awash with hundreds if not thousands of people playing the various incarnations of the Call of Duty games – often with a commentary, showcasing their skills and offering tips, tricks and tactics.
     TheNinjaB3ar stands out from the crowd however as his commentaries are just frickin hilarious.
      Taking on the ‘Ninja B3ar’ persona, Frenzy’s use of puns and wordplay, samples and sound effects, themed commentaries and general gift of gab make for an entertaining watch – regardless of whether you have any real interest in COD or not. Hear him shout his war cry of ‘Sheeeeees!’ or watch him take out an opposition with nothing but a camera tripod after listening to him go on a foulmouthed tirade for a full 20 seconds.

      Amidst discussions of the N64 classic Goldeneye or a faux wildlife documentary on bears - come such gems as “This map is called ‘Summit’, because you know summat’s going down”, or “he’s prayin’ and sprayin’ …like a nun with a water hose” and even unintentional hilarity with slips such as “…And the sound horns!”

      You can check out his Black Ops commentary vids HERE.
     I, for one, have been inspired to start playing it again solely from watching these. Today I prestiged (reset to level 1 again for those of you not familiar with the game), which is a big deal since I haven’t done that with ANY of the previous Call of Duty games – I usually just get to the maximum level and then get bored and stop playing. - So thanks, Frenzy! 
      All hail TheNinjaB3ar!

8 July 2012

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