Thursday, 18 August 2011

Film Roundup - An Introduction

So a quick introduction to this section – which would be better to get it out of the way if I decide to make it a regular article.

This isn’t meant to be blanket coverage of recent films that have come out - or necessarily to review films (read Empire magazine for that or visit their website). Rather simply it is just to inform you of what I’ve been watching recently and a quick description of what the film entails. I may even give a recommendation at the end of the article of one film that you should watch out of all the films discussed – even though I hate telling people what they should and shouldn't watch. After all, everyone has different tastes.

Before we start, I would quickly like to mention that the films I mention are by no means exhaustive of what I have watched recently (I will be selective in what I write about) as otherwise I will literally be writing forever.

Also, I wont go too in-depth with each film – if I want to discuss it in more detail I will do so in its own article (for example with Limitless).

Finally, I am averse to ‘hating’ on things and so will not be unduly cussing things out – so if that's what you came here for, you are shit out of luck. It’s all love, baby!

I wont go too much into describing the synopsis of each film (unless the film itself is quite obscure) – but instead just a brief comment on each. You can click the title of each film to link to it on IMDB for more info or to watch trailers etc…

I may also link certain clips from youtube if there is something particularly of interest.

I will also endeavour to not include spoilers, however if I feel there may be one involved it will be clearly marked.

Anyway, on with the roundup – starting in the next post!

11 Aug 2011

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