Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Short Story Challenge 3 - Palingenesis

      Lets face it, I’ve had much worse things stuck to the bottom of my shoe but this is definitely a first. I was so preoccupied with not losing my footing whilst trudging through the undergrowth that I didn't even see what it was that I had stepped on.

      It first felt kind of mushy, with plenty of give, which would explain why my step kept moving forward onto it - no traction to be able to push off of… whatever it was. It wasn't until I had put all my weight down that I felt the sharp pain shoot up through my foot and up my calf. Grabbing a nearby branch I managed with some considerable effort to hoist myself clear and sit down on a nearby log in order to inspect my foot.
      Cross-legged, with the foot turned upwards, I scanned for the damage, gently brushing away loose bits of dirt and leaves. The sharp pain had faded almost as quickly as it had hit me and instead a strange numbness had taken its place. Running a hand slowly along the sole of the boot I eventually discovered the hole. Something had indeed penetrated the thick rubber of my hiking boots, but whatever it was, no trace of it remained. I could sense a slight squelching of blood but no pain – strange…
      I managed to hobble my way back to the research station so that I could clean up and dress the wound. It’s not the worst thing that's happened to me whilst I’ve been out here - and besides, the relief team will be coming in a few days and I can get it looked at properly by a medic once they take me back to base camp.
      For now, business as usual I guess…

      Woke up today with a pounding headache and dry mouth. Felt a bit dizzy standing up. Thought it would be a good idea to keep doing this audio log just so I can tell the medics exactly what my symptoms are when they do get here.
      Looking at my foot again, the wound looks angry and swollen. It still feels numb but occasionally I feel it twitch and spasm unexpectedly, especially when I keep very still. Taken some antibiotics as a precaution.
     Tried to get more research done today but my head remained fuzzy – hard to concentrate on anything.

      Staying in bed today. So tired. My foot feels itchy. Swear I felt it move once or twice last night - kept waking me up. Let me take a look…
      Oh God - it a growth of some sort. Maybe this is the worst thing I have stepped on after all... I’m usually okay with being on my own but this time I actually feel a little... scared? It’s so swollen… and itchy.
      Wait – did that just move again? It feels… rhythmic. Kind of like… breathing?

      I can’t move… It’s growing. Growing out of my foot. Bloody mess… What is that? Looks like… a face…? oh God, oh God… Need help… but so drowsy… so…

      < No log entry recorded >

      Hello? Hello? Oh it’s recording… Not quite sure what happened. It feels like I’ve woken up from a bad dream. I can tell its not though – there is a bloody mess on the floor next to my bed. It looks like a body of some sort. Familiar… but I can’t quite place it…
      Why am I not freaking out right now? I actually feel great. For once I feel really calm… refreshed.
      I feel… like I need to go for a walk. Something’s drawing me out into the jungle. 
     It feels good.
     It feels like… I’m going home…

 < No further log entries recorded >

25th July 2012

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