Monday, 21 May 2012

Electro Fighter vs Chromeo - mixtape

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I’ve wanted to do this mixtape for such a long time now – and this past week I’ve finally got around to doing it.

Having loved Chromeo ever since I heard them a few years back, I had the idea of making a mixtape using only remixes of their songs (plus some rare cuts thrown in too.)

The challenge I set myself was to not use any original/album versions of Chromeo tracks but still construct it in away that people who are into Chromeo could still recognize the melodies and/or lyrics but in a new context.

After trawling through 50+ remixes, it was just a case of whittling it all down to a chosen few. As you will see from the tracklist, most of the time I have grouped remixes of the same song together – which not only sounds great in context as you get a gist of the variation between remixes, but also adds a new dynamic to the overall mixtape. So for tracks that had a few mixes that I wanted to include, I was forced to choose just a bit of the track (roughly a minute or so) but I think it blends quite nicely – rather than the alternative of just putting the remixes in any order.

I originally planned to include more varied styles such as dubstep and more downtempo versions, but they were axed from the final cut. There were so many that I didn't quite manage to fit in (I had to choose from at least 10 different remixes just for Hot Mess!) and the challenge of keeping the whole mixtape under an hour was also ever present.

I did, however, manage to include some rare cuts that fans may not have heard - such as the unplugged version of Don't Walk Away serving as a nice intro and The Live from Daryl’s House version of Waiting For You (with Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame) as well as the DJ Kicks exclusive track finishing off the mix nicely.

Anyways hope you enjoy this mix as much as I have making it! And on the off chance that you haven’t heard Chromeo’s music before – go check out their albums!

21 May 2012

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