Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ramblings: Why do people love snow so much?

        So recently we have had loads of snow. And I haven't updated my blog with any posts. Because obviously snow affects that sort of thing...

        Anyways, this was just some ramblings I scribbled down the other day - might just end up posting these every now and then just so my blog stays alive.
        So here you go:

        Why do people love snow so much?

        It’s cold, wet, and dangerous – a nuisance that people and the media constantly complain about. There are worries about getting snowed in; that chance that you may get trapped somewhere, warnings, accidents, panic buying, closures and cancellations.

        And yet every time it snows people revert to a giddy and almost childlike state. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter get flooded with comments, pictures, and anecdotes. Snow takes over everything for a while – but why?

        Perhaps it’s because the world around us is transformed – often happening overnight – and it is this sudden change that delights the senses. It’s as if our minds can’t fully comprehend how it happened and therefore somehow seems magical.
        It’s kind of like pouring a massive bucket of paint across the whole country – except that it is only water – a harmless everyday substance that’s not going to choke you with suffocating fumes.
        We know that it takes work and effort to change something – whether it be a redesign, a makeover or simply the colour – (that's why we love it when sunsets colour a landscap) and it's this bright white blanket of change over such a big scale that delights us so.

        That's why we love snow. Not snow itself (we can just look in the freezer for that), but its power to alter a picture, change a view, cover a landscape for a temporary time, usually manifesting within a short space of time (eg: overnight) and with no significant lasting effects – its just water after all…

25 Jan 2013

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