Thursday, 30 August 2012

Short Story Challenge 7 - Hanging Around With Abergast and The Professor

      A few seconds, that was all it took; the camera was gone, and my only chance of success with it. As I watched it tumble down into the gaping ravine below,  I knew the film within would never be recovered. More importantly, I had to grab on to something fast or I too would share a similar fate to that of my Kodak SLR.
      My arms wind-milled almost comically as I flailed wildly in an attempt to maintain my balance. Too late! My footing abandoned me and I tumbled backwards over the cliff edge. Is this it? Is this finally the end for super sleuth journalist Archibald Abergast?
     Not likely.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Short Story Challenge 6 - Children of the Seasons

      Four children were left on Martha’s doorstep, one each for the four seasons. Winter’s baby came last, wrapped in night and gazing at the stars.
      No one knows where they came from or which persons were responsible for abandoning them so, and yet Martha took to raising them as her own, her loving warmth more than making up for the cold indifference with which they were cast aside.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Short Story Challenge - Notes on weeks 1-5

      For those of you good enough to have been following my weekly short storychallenges, here is just a little summary of the five I have completed so far.
      Although I don't want to fret too much about every detail (the stories are a speed writing exercise after all), here is a quick summary of each one I have written, including creative decisions, trivia and possible improvements/changes I would have made if I had more time and/or was writing a longer story.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Short Story Challenge 5 - Garden of the Seventh Circle

      The ivy had continued to grow since I had left the village, now hiding the doorway behind it. But if you looked hard enough, and knew what you were looking for, you could just make out the faint outline of the archway – the framing of brickwork around the door, almost completely concealed behind a mask of dark green foliage.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Short Story Challenge 4 - A Family Business

     When one is kneading dough, it is imperative to have clean hands. You can’t leave any traces or else people will come knocking at your door. I found this out the hard way, back then before we had made a genuine go of this family business.

Electro Fighter vs Marina & The Diamonds - mixtape

      Download Link: HERE

      Continuing on in the “Electro Fighter vs…” artist focused series is this new entry – a mixtape of various Marina & The Diamonds remixes.