Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Week in Review

So this is supposed to be a recap of the weeks post – mainly to explain, discuss and perhaps elaborate a bit on what has passed.I think writing something absolutely everyday kind of sucks in its rigidity so I’ve decided the best thing to do would be to do five articles – one per weekday – and then use the weekend for the overview (like the one you are reading now) and for uploading them (if I don't do it on that specific day).

As you may have noticed- two things. Firstly, it has taken longer than a week for the last seven posts. So yeah, I was playing catch up for a while. But I think this new ‘five articles a week’ idea is a bit more flexible – not going to be too strict with it – as long as there are at least five things to upload per week that should be ok (not counting the roundup).

Secondly, the date of the post and the date written in the post (at the end of the article) differ. That's because I uploaded all the new articles at once this evening. So yeah, as long as the dates that the articles were written correspond to the five-a-week that should be ok.

That's also indicative of my blogging style. I don't like the straight ‘to blog’ writing at present, I actually prefer writing things out in Word first. But at the same time I don't like to spend too much time editing and re-writing these articles so that will be kept as a minimum.

Links to videos, pics and websites are fine too – at the moment for pics I am using photobucket but I noticed that there is an add picture option to upload images to the blogger directly. Maybe I can investigate that as having to deal with a photobucket account is an extra chore.

As for style and content, there has been only a little variation so far – most noticeably in the Guardian Scheme article, but I’m still finding my feet and once the logistics of regular blogging are all sorted I can start to get a bit fruitier with different styles.

I’ve also gotta come up with a labeling system for my articles. Another thing for the to do list!

So until next time dear reader!

1 Aug 2011

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