Thursday, 18 August 2011


Nostalgic for the games of yesteryear?

But cant be bothered to dig up that dusty old console, faff around with emulators or just don't have the time and patience to play these old games?

Then there is the perfect solution for you… Longplay!

Youtube is gradually turning into an archive for anything and everything recordable, from music tracks, movie scenes and trailers to famous news footage… the list goes on.

And now there is Longplay – recordings of old games played through from start to finish for the enjoyment of the viewer. Differing from speedruns (where the player attempts to finish the game as fast as possible), Longplay simply plays through these games fairly normally, making it more relatable for anyone who grew up playing said game.

And what a nostalgic trip that can be for some gamers – for me its mainly the SNES era, but there is plenty of old stuff too such as Amiga and arcade game emulations for the older folk.

There is a huge collection here and nearly all video have the original music and sound effects as well as intros and ending – very thorough indeed!

Speaking of music, you also sometimes come across gems like this that you never knew existed (seriously, what rockin’ music!) just by checking out random games.

Due to certain account privileges, this channel can also host more recent and longer games –some videos being many hours long. That's right, hours!

Want to watch a playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII in its entirety? No problem! It’s insane!

Shorter games are not a problem but who has that much time just to sit and watch an RPG from beginning to end? I guess at the end of the day they are just there for reference/posterity’s sake.

For many, I guess it fulfils the need for someone to reminisce of the experience of playing a certain game from their past again without needing the commitment of time and effort to dig them up and play through again.

Alternatively you can go through a game you've never been able to finish before and get to see the final boss beaten and the ending or see what happens in a game that you always wished you played back in the day but never got round to.

Ah nostalgia!

Followed by….

Ooooooaahhhhh… SAVAGE!!

17 Aug 2011

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