Saturday, 20 August 2011

Introducing... Debian Blak

When I first listened to Debian Blak's music, it sounded like much of the dubby electronica that I used to listen to back in the day, but the more I listened and the more it started to seep into my subconscious, the more it became apparent to me: the production quality of Debian’s music is sublime.

For one, the sounds are layered so intricately, utilising synths as well as instruments and vocals - all combined together in an irresistible concoction that is presented in an understated way that belies its complex arrangement.

Most electronic/dance music is blighted by its repetitious nature and yet the way Debian layers his sounds and tweaks his samples or messes around with the percussion and vocals using glitching and scratching always keeps things fresh, making it more akin to painting on a canvas – you can hear the elements being introduced in each track gradually, and then you get to witness them blend together, creating a different picture entirely, often in the most unexpected ways.

Perhaps this understated build-up of each track giving way to its devilishly complex arrangement partly accounts for the album’s title A Hint of Menace.

Take, for example, the track Tantalise. Although it starts off with crisp dry beats, by the end of it you feel like you are standing drenched in a warm rainforest.

Anna Stott provides breathy guest vocals on Take Me On evoking a balearic ambience, whilst TISW (Today I Should Win) haunts with piano chords tinged with the slightest shades of sadness.

Every one of the six tracks on the album offers a different listening experience whilst still maintaining a definite Debian Blak stamp of identity - something that is no mean feat in this day and age of copycat cut and paste dance music.

So even if you don't really listen to this kind of music I urge you to go here to listen to or download Debian Blak’s new album for free - something chilled for you to listen to in the cool evenings of these dying embers of summer.

You can listen to any of the tracks and/or download them here. If you like it, spread the word and let your friends know – as I’m sure the uniquely talented Debian Blak is sure to blow up in the near future.

Besides, its free music… and you cant argue with that!

19 Aug 2011

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