Tuesday, 2 August 2011

This... is... BLOG!


This… is… BLOG!

Okay, now read that again, but this time imagine the person saying it is King Leonidas, AKA Gerald Butler, AKA Geraaaarrd Butler (if you are American), in the film 300 and he is just about to boot that guy down the well.

Okay, ready? Go!

This… is… BLOG!

Boom! ‘aaargh’ – slow motion falling… you know the rest.

Anyway, the point here is to illustrate my own personal war cry to… er… myself. You see, I’ve always wanted to write - but as with any skill you can never really grow and develop without practice.

So this is my practice - this blog. A place for my personal manifesto of writing 300 words a day to take shape in. Documented proof that it’s happening. Originally, I wanted to start on the first day of 2011 or the next day after my birthday (you see my skills of procrastination at work here…) but to hell with it – 20th July is a good a day to start as any!

Okay, any questions? You in the back - reading the computer screen!

‘What will I write about?’

Well, anything and everything, really. It can be an informational, an opinion piece, a review, a work of fiction, whatever I feel like at the time. However, as well as writing a variety of pieces, I also endeavour to explore different writing styles - so don't think I’ve lost the plot if I decide to switch it up again.

On a side note – whatever I write about or in whatever style, I will try not to delve too much in to personal matters as: a) This is not a diary and reading a recounted tale of how you missed your bus and had to wait in the rain and blah blah blah is a cop out, not to mention MEGA BORING to you the reader; and b) I am sick to death of people pouring out details of their personal life all over the internet, crying out for attention and then moaning about the creeps and trolls who inevitably gather having invaded their privacy.

So, each entry will be at least 300 words long and should be labelled with what kind of piece it is. There may be an odd pic or two in there to as we all know how monkeys and babies like to point at pictures and coo.

So let the writing commence! Let the words fly worth – so many that they blot out the sun! If that happens… Then we will type in the dark! Hohoho… aaaaaand cut!

20 July 2011

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