Monday, 24 December 2012

Track of The Week - Cinnamon Girl - Now I know

        This week’s track is from London based singer Cinnamon Girl and is entitled Now I Know

 Have a listen here:

        I discovered Cinnamon Girl on Soundcloud and was immediately charmed by the electronic production and her amazing warbling voice, slightly reminiscent of Emilie Autumn except in a different genre.
        The first track I heard was actually her most recent, Devil in Me, which had that 80s Kylie Minogue charm in the production. You should definitely check that song out too by clicking HERE. Another recommended track is Friends which features some awesome synths.
        However, the track I chose for TOTW is Now I Know which is snappy, nicely produced and showcases Cinnamon Girl’s vocals nicely, which makes it my chosen favourite of her songs.

        Little is known about Cinnamon Girl but hopefully I will be able to hear more of her work in the future – an artist who isn’t afraid to just go and do her own thing.
        You can follow her on youtube HERE or visit her website HERE.

24 Dec 2012

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