Saturday, 1 December 2012

Electro Fighter vs Fenech-Soler mixtape

       Download link: HERE

       My new mixtape is now up! Electro Fighter vs Fenech-Soler. You can listen to it by going to the page on Mixcloud by clicking HERE, or just press play on the player above!

       So it’s been a while… I’ve been super busy with other stuff but have finally got around to making this mix. This was one I’ve actually wanted to do for ages - maybe even since about a year ago when I first started listening to Fenech-Soler.
       As well as being a full-on touring band, these guys have done a couple of remixes of other people’s tracks – and so combining those, other artists’ remixes of their tracks, as well as some rare Fenech Soler cuts thrown in there too -  made this a fun one to mix.
       I love their electro rock/pop sound and hopefully so will you. Check out their acclaimed self titled debut album that's already out - a new album should be out in the new year

       You can visit Fenech-Soler’s website HERE.

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       Or visit my Mixcloud page to listen to all of my mixtapes.

30 Nov 2012

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