Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blog Layout Update

       Just a couple of announcements regarding the blog. Firstly, I have done a light redesign of the page layout. As I am slowly increasing my readership, I have taken steps to make the page and articles more accessible and easier to navigate.

       Things I’ve added are:

       Search Bar – a custom google search to find content from any of the articles in my blog.
       Most Recent Posts – The last 5 articles I have written are displayed on the right. This is particularly useful if someone has clicked on a link to a particular blog post and is not at the home page feed.
       Most Popular Posts – The top 10 most read posts on the blog. These are located further down, below the labels, archive and followers.
       Page Counter – just so that people can see that stuff is actually being read I guess!

       Other than that I have re-jigged the order of things a bit, renamed a few things and made invisible some unnecessary bits – all in all to get it slightly more in the direction I want it to be. As the editing tools are quite basic, I may have too delve into the html for more minor tweaks but I’ll probably leave that for another day.

       I bit further down the line I would like to spruce up the blog title (maybe even change the name?) and instead put graphic or banner up there instead. I’ll have to get someone to do that for me – anyone out there want to help?
       That and some art or nicely edited photos along with a description or biog just under the search bar to give the whole blog a bit more personality.

       Plans for the future? Keep writing and build up my experience and practice different styles. When I’m back home for a bit over Christmas time I will try and stick to the commitment of posting up one article every day (which I also attempted last year), just to keep disciplined and cultivate good habits.

       And that's it. Hope you like the new layout!

15 Dec 2012

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