Sunday, 22 February 2015

Instagram Update - 2500 Followers!

        Hi everyone, having just hit 2.5k on my Instagram account, I thought I would post another quick LEGO update to show off some of the cool stuff that has happened since last time.

       First off, some action on twitter from a few (kinda) famous people!

       As a big fan of the Channel 4 comedy Toast of London, I put together a tribute to the characters of Clem Fandango and Danny Bear - two voiceover studio engineers that feature at the beginning of nearly every episode.

      Whilst it wasn’t based on any one incarnation, I tried to capture the essence of their outrageously hipsterish outfits as seen here: 

       Not only was the photo retweeted by the show’s production company Objective Productions:

      ...But also by the actor that plays ‘Danny Bear’, Tim Downie! His props were awesome and he even had the pic as his header photo for a while.


       Another celeb retweet came from Youtube couple Spencer & Alex who both retweeted my picture of them.

       Awesome! You should also go and check out their Youtube channel HERE.

       I also had this photo:

       Retweeted by Mister Babadook himself!

       Incidentally, you can check out my film review of The Babadook, HERE.

       I also had a random moment of Trinity Leeds posting one of my pictures on twitter:

       My follow base on Twitter is still quite small, so getting featured is still quite minimal. However on Instagram, my photos are starting to get featured a bit more.
      Since the last update, I’ve been featured on:


       Go check out these accounts! Some of the photographers featured there are truly amazing and I feel genuinely honoured and humbled to be featured alongside them.

       Now on to the copiers! Some are very direct when taking ‘inspiration’ from my photos, such as:

       In this above instance, I have ZERO problem as they fully give me credit. Apart from the very basic idea and angle, the photos here aren’t even all that similar anyway.

       However there are also these pics, that came after mine (often only by a day or two) and are uncannily similar… (user names blurred out for the sake of anonymity).

      Now don't get me wrong – these could just be genuine coincidences or even just influenced subconsciously, but it has happened a fair few times (sometimes instances I forgot or cant be bothered to screengrab).

       If these are honest coincidences (or just ideas so broad within LEGO photography then they are bound to repeatedly come up) then I guess that's my bad – but if you are going to copy an idea or set-up at least go to the effort of making it a bit more different?

      Still it’s not so bad – after all, imitation is a form of flattery, right? And these are from the guys I follow and generally I like their work so it's all good... 

      But what really gets my goat is when people shamelessly steal your photography and then ignore/block you when you challenge them. Among a fair few incidences:

       The second hulk pic has my watermark so I know it was taken from my tumblr (my pics only get watermarked before the HQ versions go up on my tumblr) so at least there is that – no credit to me anwhere in the post though.

       In the third pic the user has stolen my profile pic to use as his and then blocked me when I challenged him! Prink…
      There have been a few other instances of ‘stolen’ pics - and I have considered watermarking all my pics before they go up on Instagram, but that goes against my ‘quick upload’ principle. Plus it’s an extra step that doesn't fit well into my current workflow. Oh well. Just have to keep calling them out I guess.

       Anyway, enough negativity. Something else cool: I printed my first LEGO book!

       It includes the first 100 or so of my LEGO photographs and whilst the image resolution isn’t ultra sharp (as it would look on a computer monitor) the results still look pretty good.
      It’s a severely limited edition item (if you really want one get in touch and I can get another ordered through) and is great as a coffee table book to browse through or what have you.

       I plan on printing a new book every 100 or so pictures so you’ll probably see more of these in the future.

       Anyway, that’s all for this LEGO Instagram update. If you want to check out any of my previous LEGO related articles simply click HERE. Or any of the following links below:


      Of course you can follow my actual photography accounts here:


      Catch you soon!

22nd Feb 2015

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  1. Loving your pictures and the authentic and original way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!