Thursday, 2 August 2012

Electro Fighter vs Marina & The Diamonds - mixtape

      Download Link: HERE

      Continuing on in the “Electro Fighter vs…” artist focused series is this new entry – a mixtape of various Marina & The Diamonds remixes.

      I’ve been hearing Marina remixes for a while now through listening to a lot of random electro tunes - and so I thought I would put a few together and make a mixtape out of them.

      Marina has a fairly distinct voice and each track showcases this wonderfully whilst the remixes span across a variety of genres, ranging from my usual electro leanings to more disco-house vibes, via breakbeat and even some dub at the end.

      A lot of her remixes are very ‘club’ orientated or too similar to the originals so I left them out and picked only my favorites for this mixtape. Marina’s vocals have that that pop sensibility – so I could maintain variety whilst still letting the whole thing be fairly accessible for those listeners that aren’t too much into dance music.


31 July 2012

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