Monday, 18 March 2013

Track of The Week - Anna Ternheim - Off The Road

        This week’s track comes from Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Ternheim with the hauntingly beautiful Off The Road. Have a listen to this live version, which also features Ane Brun.

        Click the video below:

        I first heard this song whilst playing Silent Hill: Downpour - the latest in the long running survival horror series. In the game, just before reaching the mysterious town of Silent Hill itself, I had just disembarked from a ride on a cable car and was making my way through the dilapidated station when I came across a radio. These radios are scattered through various points in the game and you always have the option of switching these on to catch some chatter from the DJ or to listen to some licensed music.
        I knew that the town lay up ahead and so I decided to pause for a moment to collect myself. I switched on the radio and this song started to play. I literally just stood there (in the game) listening to the song, mesmerized, being soaked in the melancholy atmosphere. It fitted the current mood of the game so perfectly, evoking themes of sorrow and loss, the travels into the unknown that lay ahead and the shattered ideal of small town Americana.

        Listening to this song again, it conjures up an image of a long train ride in the rain – which is exactly what this person on YouTube made a video of. Another song by Anna Ternheim that is also used in the game is Words of Love, which you can listen to HERE.

        You can find out more about this talented lady by visiting her official page HERE or her YouTube channel HERE for more videos.

18 Mar 2013

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