Sunday, 17 November 2013

Track of The Week - Chromeo - Sexy Socialite

      This week’s track comes from the Chromeo with the track Sexy Socialite from their forthcoming album White Women. You can listen to it below.

        When I first heard Sexy Socialite I was surprised as it was a bit of a departure from their usual electro sound. However, it literally only took about 30 seconds of those bouncy beats, catchy vocals and the uplifting get-up-and-dance vibe to make it this week’s most listened to track.

        On the face of it, it is a departure from the usual Chromeo sound - and props to them for taking on new influences and branching out in different directions rather than just repeating the sounds of their hit 2010 album Business Casual.
       Having said that, on closer inspection the ingredients that make up Chromeo are still there: the funky baselines, lyrics about girls and relationships, the vocoder backing vocals, the amazing synths… Oh, and did I mention the bass? Listen to this on a something with good speakers. This is the very the definition of a funky baseline!

        I’ve been a fan of Chromeo for many years and eagerly await each new release or remix (either by them or of one of their tracks). I even made a mixtape in my Electro Fighter Vs… series that celebrates much of their back catalogue with various remixes and rare tracks all mixed together. It's actually the most listened to of all my mixtapes! You can check it out HERE.

        So it’s been a three-year wait, but they've finally announced a new album, entitled White Women. Although there is no official release date as of yet, I would take a guess and say it would probably be out early next year.
        In the meantime though, you can check out another forthcoming track Over Your Shoulder by clicking HERE. This one is a bit more of a classic Chromeo sound, but still great nonetheless. I'm very much looking forward to the new album now!

17th November 2013

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