Friday, 18 January 2013

Electro Fighter presents - Walternate's 80's Simulation mix 2: Digital Days

Download link: HERE

        New mixtape incoming! A sequel to last year’s Walternate’s 80’s Simulation mix - Electro Fighter presentsWalternate’s 80’s Simulation mix 2: Digital Days.

       You can listen to it by going to page on Mixcloud by clicking HERE, or just press play on the player below!

      Once again, dripping with 80s goodness, this mix I ideal for cruising around in your fluorescent Delorean or doing some hard pumping exercise to a Dolph Lungren workout video!

      Special thanks to NewRetro Wave whose YouTube channel provided much of the inspiration for the tracks used in this mix. Check it out - as not only are the tunes awesome but also there is plenty of great photography and artwork!
      You can also visit his blog HERE.

      There will definitely be more mixtapes coming later this year, even another Walternate one – but that will be focused more on vocal and/or pop styled retrowave tracks – so watch this space!

      In the meantime, you can check out the original Walternate’s 80’s Simulation mix HERE.

      Or visit my Mixcloud page to listen to all of my previous mixtapes.

18 Jan 2012

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