Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Special - 2 Spooky Unsolved Mysteries

       Just a quick post for Halloween!

       I love a good mystery… and spooky stuff as well. So here’s a double dose of spooky mysteriousness that if not managing to shit you up, will at least leave you scratching your head.

       Both are totally real and both totally UNSOLVED!

       Read on if you dare... Mwahahahahaha!

1)    The Overtoun Bridge (AKA The Dog Suicide Bridge)

       Dog lovers be warned – this one can be particularly disturbing for you.

       There is a bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland where, for some bizarre unknown reason, dogs have been uncontrollably jumping off of.
       Just a coincidence, you say? Well since the 60’s there have been around 600 documented cases of dogs leaping to their death on the very same bridge. Witnesses report an unexplained urge of the dogs to hurl themselves off - and in some cases, having survived the initial fall, have climbed back up top just to throw themselves off again!

       Spooky, right? Various theories are floating about as to why the dogs behave like this, ranging from the scientific (animal scents/pheromones or a naturally occurring sound pitch that drives the dogs crazy), to the supernatural (the bridge is just plain ol’ HAUNTED!).

       Whatever the reason, this mystery is still unsolved to this day. Dog lovers hold on tight to that lead…

        2) The Chase Vault (AKA The Moving Coffins of Barbados)

       Coffin lovers be warned – this one can be particularly disturbing for you!

       The Chase family vault in Barbados was a crypt big enough for a number of coffins to be housed. As each member of the Chase family died, so their coffin would be placed in there. First three coffins put in there… so far so normal.
       It was when the fourth coffin was added in 1812, that the creepy shiz started happening… Upon opening the door to the tomb, they were disturbed to see that the coffins had been moved about to different positions within the room.

       After putting the new coffin in and righting the positions of the old ones (and presumably also after having changed their trousers) the funeral service dudes sealed the crypt back up.
       Four years later, in 1816, when another coffin was to be added, they yet again found the coffins within to have been moved…
       …And this kept happening… once again later in 1816 and then again in 1819. So perplexing was this mystery that the Governor of Barbados at the time, Lord Combermere, demanded a thorough examination of the site, but found no signs of tampering, vandalism or a secret entrance. He then went on to cover the floor with sand (in order to detect footprints of any trespassers inside) and then, after once again putting the coffins back into their proper position, sealed the crypt with his own personal seal.

       Eight months later, Lord Combermere demanded the tomb to be opened up again – not to put another body in but just to check it out.

       …The coffins had been moved AGAIN.
        Check the before and after diagram:

       Well, you might say – Graverobbers? Pranksters? Nah, bee – check the facts: the coffins themselves were really heavy (the larger ones took eight men to lift). The door was made of heavy marble and cemented shut. Nothing was ever taken - ruling out the robbery motive. There was no footprints in the sand, no traces of water of flooding, no reported earthquakes during that time.

       The tomb still exists today but is left empty – the Chase family having decided to remove the coffins and bury them elsewhere.
       This spooky mystery still remains unsolved…

       Sleep well, children… Mwahahahaha!

31 Oct 2012

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