Friday, 2 November 2012

Track of The Week: Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna

       This week’s track is Primadonna, and comes from Marina & The Diamonds' second album entitled Electra Heart. I was actually listening to this a lot a good few weeks ago, but definitely feel it should be mentioned again now.

       Believe it or not, I didn’t really think much of this tune upon first hearing it, which was whilst I was preparing my Electro Fighter vs Marina & The Diamonds mixtape. At first I felt it sounded too a bit too pop and formulaic, but the more I listened to it since, the more its catchy hooks have sunk into my consciousness.
       The production is great – in particular when that funky electro bassline first drops, you can’t help but nod your head.
       As a vocalist, Marina is always fascinating to listen to - as well as being an insanely talented singer, her kooky inflection constantly intrigues and charms (for that you can blame her Greek/Welsh heritage).
       I had the pleasure of seeing her perform live about a month ago and her stage show is awesome - involving dancing, props and an Electra Heart themed set – and yes, she sings just as beautifully live in case you were wondering.

       There is no doubt that Marina will eventually hit it big and be destined for stardom – it’s just a matter of time. She retains those pop sensibilities whilst keeping her own indie sound and hopefully she wont have to compromise it too much the more popular she gets.

       You can listen to Primadonna below.

       There is also an acoustic version - if you fancy it. Listen to it HERE.

       If you are interested in listening to my Marina mixtape FREE click HERE.

       Want more Marina? Listen to more tracks on her official YouTube page HERE or visit her website HERE.

2 Nov 2012

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