Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy 100th Post!

       Happy 100th Post! This calls for a celebration! [Cue monkey fanfare…]

       There are actually a few more than 100 posts on this blog, but this is the 100th post since my original quasi-manifesto. And although I haven’t managed to write every day like it originally suggested, I think I have done okay to get this far.
       You see, my biggest problem I have with writing is the time and discipline required and writing this blog has been the best kind of practice for me. It has really been helpful in developing my own writing style (as well as experimenting with various others) as I have tried my hand at reporting, top 10 lists, fiction etc… as well as numerous commentaries on film, TV, videogames, music and just general randomness.

       With the majority of these, I have tried to stay away from just writing a simple ‘review’ (as there are already so many other sites out there that do this and I find simple listing of pros and cons to be rather uninspiring), and instead I’ve tried to focus on one or two aspects of each thing that I find interesting to discuss. With most articles, the seed is already there in my head – it’s just a matter of getting it out in coherent sentences and in an entertaining way.

       Another thing I’ve tried to do is stay away from writing about personal things in my life. As I stated in my original manifesto, this blog isn’t meant to be an online diary or a place for me to moan and vent. It’s about me practice my writing in a light-hearted, fun and interesting to read way – well that's the aim anyway. An article about my shoes is about a personal as it gets – and I aim to keep it that way.

       Just in case you are interested, at the time of writing, here are my top 3 most read articles:

       1) Ableton! (5116 views) - An article discussing the music software I use to create my mixtapes.

       2) Abandoned Places (625 views) - An article discussing the tumblr page dedicated to the beautifully melancholy nature of abandoned places

       3) Why I Don't Watch Trailers (495 views) - Rather self-explanatory – an article about why I avoid watching movie trailers (or looking at any promotion material in general) for any films that I am interested in seeing at the cinema.

       When some of my articles only have a single figure number of views, to get this many is an amazing honour – so a big 'thank you' to all my readers out there – whether you be regular or only occasional.

       So here’s to another 100 articles!

       Oh… and Happy Halloween!

31 Oct 2012

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