Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Track of the Week: AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love

       A new regular feature I’ve decided to start up is Track of the Week.
       I listen to a lot of music from a wide variety of sources and across many genres and thought it would be nice to share some of these with you as well as giving me something quick to write about.

       Where possible, I will include an embedded video/link for you to watch/listen as well as give a little background on the artists and provide some links to help promote them.
       Most of the tracks I will share will be stuff from up and coming bands as well as being of a fairly accessible sound – so if anyone reading discovers a new track that they love through this it will have been worthwhile for me.

       Anyway, this week’s track is Your Drums, Your Love by AlunaGeorge, a two-piece outfit from London, consisting of Aluna Francis on vocals and George Reid producing the music (both of whom can be glimpsed in the video).
       First off, the tune is awesome for me mostly because of its great production. I love the electronic beats and warped vocal samples and Aluna’s soulful voice and catchy chorus are just the icing on the cake.
       Where the tune really takes off is when played with its video, set in an art gallery with pieces from Arran Gregory and featuring some poppers. The choreography here is astounding, as not only is it finely nuanced to the music but it also fits well with the story and emotion of the song, utilizes pieces within the gallery AND is integrated with the sweeping camerawork. No multitude of quick and flashy cuts – the whole video is a fully thought out and choreographed piece of art in itself.

Watch it here:

       For more info on AlunaGeorge visit their website HERE.
       Their other single You Know You Like It can be listened to HERE.

23 Oct 2012

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