Thursday, 1 September 2011

Week in Review

Another Week in Review article!

Although really that's a bald faced lie as it has been a month since I wrote the last one and there are about eleven articles to look over rather than simply a weeks worth.

Anyhoo – this is for introspective and critical purposes and to see if I am going in the right direction just so I can maintain my focus and improve and not just keep chugging on and never looking back once I’ve banged out an article in my typical ham-fisted fashion.

So on one hand, I do need this review to make sure I’m not just writing, uploading to the blog and then never looking back - but to critique, look at ways I can improve and progress.

On the other hand, I shouldn't dwell too much on trying to get things perfect (often a fault in my writing at the expense of actually getting anything done) as at the end of the day this blog is just supposed to be for practice and habit forming.

So a quick look back and review to take stock of where I am and then move on to bigger and better things – the best approach for this methinks.

General notes – as mentioned previously, I have kept away from personal details of my life and the majority of articles seem to be about films, music, gaming and the odd internet found oddity here and there – so far so good.

I generally try not to ‘review’ films and music etc… as there are a million places on t’internet to search for such things, but instead I tend to write only about aspects I find interesting – like an Oompah Loompah that has fallen into the chocolate river: keeping things short and sweet.

Well, I’ve almost filled my word quota and haven’t even got to the main point of the Week in Review yet! So…

Reading back on some previous articles have made me cringe but like I said, learn and improve!

Logistics wise, I’ve been pretty slack on doing one article every day, but sometimes I can do two or three a day no problem, depending on how busy I am. I guess it all comes down to balance and as long as I end up with around five articles a week (roughly one for every weekday) that should be a pretty steady work rate. It’s all about the discipline – my main problem when it comes to writing.

As for the pictures, I now upload straight to the blog as clicking on the picture wont take you to my photobucket account and you can actually look at the original size of the pic by doing so.
I have thought about multiple pics for certain posts but have ultimately decided against it for two reasons.

Firstly, I feel that just having one picture at the top of each article is more iconic (unless its an article like this and I end up just grabbing random shiz off of google) and also reduces clutter so the text is in a single body.

Secondly, I want to focus on the writing and be able to illustrate the majority of my points through that rather than relying too much on visual aids. At the end of the day, this is not a multimedia exercise as such but a writing one and so I want to stay true to that.

Finally, what can you expect in the future? More articles on film are in the pipeline (my favs, classics scenes) as well as more internet oddities for you to peruse.

So stay tuned dear reader! Until next time!

31 Aug 2011

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