Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Art of the Brick - Exhibition

            Last weekend we attempted to go to a massive LEGO convention called Brick 2014 - but with it being ridiculously popular and completely sold out (note: must pre-order tickets well in advance next time!) we settled for the The Art of the Brick instead - a globally touring art exhibition that is currently in it's UK residence in London.

            Nathans Sawaya's work (mostly sculptures) quickly gained popularity all over the world - the unique feature: he only works using LEGO bricks! The exhibition is situated at the Old Truman Brewery (opposite Rough Trade and just off Brick Lane - coincidence?).
            Instead of talking too much about it, here and some pictures. (Apologies for the quality, they were quickly snapped on my phone as it was fairly busy in there).

            Below are my thoughts of the exhibition, in summary.

Plus points:
-       Great selection of classical recreations (probably my favourite part), original sculptures and mosaic pieces.
-       Decent amount to see.
-       Impressive seeing the sculptures up close.

Minus points:
-       As a LEGO fan, the majority of the sculptures being only in one colour and ONLY bricks being used (and hardly any other LEGO elements at all) was a tad disappointing.
-       A few too many cheesy video clips and description pieces from the artist. His statement that ‘no-one else has ever done this’ is very dubious (LEGO MOCs have existed for a long time buddy – yep, even brick sculptures…)

            All in all though, it’s worth checking out if you are ever down in London. Due to popular demand the run has been extended to 12th April – catch it while you can!
            Click HERE for tickets and more info.

3rd December

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  1. Hey there lad. Like the write-up and the photos are awesome (especially the one directly above).

    I look forward to future updates and I'll get on some of mine pretty soon.