Sunday, 24 August 2014

Instagram update - 1000 Followers!

     Hey everyone! I recently passed the 1000 Followers mark on my Instagram account, so I thought I would give a general update in regards to my LEGO photography journey.
      This article will also serve as to highlight certain people that have featured me and given me props along the way.

      Firstly though, a quick shout out to these people:

@bricksbydaisy            @g_e_n_y_a_            @isakrundereim 
@lego_pete            @legostorybr            @leon.deakin
@mylegocy            @nenelego            @raddingtonfalls
@theshortnews            @vera_senyuta            @virtueofficial
      I don't really do shouts or features on my Instagram account itself (I just like to keep it as a simple showcase/gallery), so I will use this opportunity here to big-up those particular wonderful people who have supported me from really early on (back before I had many followers), and who continue to do so even now.
      You will find links to each of their accounts by clicking on their name above or below – please check them out!

          @bricksbydaisy                 @g_e_n_y_a_                  @isakrundereim

               @lego_pete                     @legostorybr                     @leon.deakin
               @mylegocy                             @nenelego                       @raddingtonfalls

          @theshortnews                      @vera_senyuta                      @virtueofficial

     Okay, now an update on what's been going on.
     To get a bit of context, have a look at my previous article 10 Steps to Becoming Insta-famous, that outlines my motivation, method for attracting followers and other general Instagram Do’s and Dont’s that have served me well. For an even wider context, check out all my other LEGO articles (collected together) HERE.

      So has anything changed since then? Well since the time of writing that article (roughly 3 weeks ago) I have gained around 500 followers. Not included in that number, are around 20 followers who have followed me only to subsequently unfollow me (all ‘randomers’ and not actually people I know in real life), who I suspect only followed me to get a follow back. It’s all good – just part of the game. As outlined in the earlier article I will only follow others that post consistently (in terms of subject matter and quality – read my previous article for more on this).
      As well as the regular organic methods of growth, a few successes here and there have helped boost my profile (also on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts).

      Here are a few of them:

      Having bought some custom printed tiles from, I used them in my photography, namely these two:

      I also thought it would be good to tag the shop when I posted the pics on twitter as a way of saying ‘thank you’ and giving them a shout-out (they are a small business that have a great passion for LEGO), and was surprised to get this tweet back:

      So basically I said 'sure, why not', and here is the result:

     Pretty neat, huh? You can view the actual store page HERE.
     As it did big me up and also had a direct link to my Instagram in there, I gained a bunch of new followers on both my Instagram and Twitter. It was around then that I started up my Tumblr account too, as another way of showcasing all my photos (but in a higher resolution). Since all my social media accounts link back in to each other (and this blog) it all helped increase exposure across the board.

      Later on, this idea of using the LEGO dice as a TV grew quite popular and was featured front and centre in a promo piece on – a popular LEGO blog that I often browse.

      You can check out the actual feature HERE. As this also had a direct link to my Instagram, it lead to some more great exposure for me. I think the TV idea was very popular and lead to some ‘inspirations’ for others doing a similar sort of thing on their Instagram accounts.
      Some, like isakrundereim, were super polite and asked permission before (not that he really needed to) and then tagged me after. He’s super cool – check out his awesome MOC here:

      Others, didn't credit or give me a shout out at all (so I wont give him any free advertising here). Such as:

      There were one or two others too, but I forgot to screenshot them at the time. Oh well – it’s still flattering I guess.
      Another really cool moment is when one of my favourite bands Chromeo bigged-up one of my photos (based on the cover of their recent hit album White Women). You can see the photo and the original pic below:

       After retweeting me (which was cool enough as it is) they eventually reposted the picture on their own Instagram account, and the number of likes that got was ridiculous!

       Since then I’ve also been a featured photographer on brickcentral:

      Three separate occasions of having my work featured on the super-popular Lego-minifigures Tumblr:

      Some random guy on Instagram replicating my sigfig as a homage (along with those of some other popular Lego Instagrammers he admired):

      And even strangers tagging me in their random stuff.

      It may sound like all of this is bragging, but in truth it’s all very flattering and I am grateful for everyone that has bigged-me up and my work along the way! I really appreciate all of it!

      Of course , for some ideas like my ‘300 followers’ celebration pic:

      I’ve seen variations of this since then such as:

      But in hindsight the idea is kind of obvious so it would be silly to assume they copied me. Others, such as my ‘500’ followers celebration:

      ...has been done by someone else too, but I reckon this one was just sheer coincidence. (Plus mine’s a bit better – haha!)

      You do also get the odd person stealing your work and reposting it without crediting you (and then blocking you when you try and talk to them! - scumbags!) but I guess you are always going to get a few of those...

      Finally, before I go, shouts also go out to these guys, as they have also all been super supportive! Thank you!


     Anyway, that's about it for now. See you next time!

     You can check out my other LEGO related articles by clicking HERE.

20th August 2014

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