Sunday, 2 March 2014

Recent Updates - combined!

Hi readers,

Just a quick update on recent developments.

I’ve been publishing a lot of articles elsewhere on’t web for the last few months, so thought I would link up some of them here. Whilst I eventually aim to have an index page up on this blog for easy reference to all the articles, for now here’s just a convenient summary. – I’ve been writing film reviews for Pillow since June of last year. Mostly these have been mainstream theatrical releases, but I’ve also occasionally covered DVD releases, retrospectives, bits of film related news, reports from film screenings and the odd book review.

The index (pending) will eventually list all my articles but for now you can access them all HERE.

Know What To Watch – I’ve written a few articles there since last November – some DVD reviews and a few ‘list’ type articles.

Unfortunately the site is on hiatus at the moment so is unlikely to feature any new articles from me for a while. Click HERE to see all my articles.

Battle Royale With Cheese – Another dedicated movie-centric site that I write for. 

I’ve chosen to start a series here called ‘The Vault’ (tagline: ‘Unearthing forgotten films… So you don't have to) which takes a look back at older films – often cult/genre pictures. I’ve only just got given an account there so you can’t search my articles by author just yet, but here are links to the first three entries to ‘The Vault’.

More to follow in the series.

FunkstylersTV – A HipHop Dance website, FunkstylersTV films, hosts and streams videos from many dance events as well as offering news and interviews from the scene.

I’ve been writing articles here since last July and have my own column – covering random dance topics such as: The Maturing BBoy, The Impact of Footage and Have Large Comps Ruined BBoying?

You can check out all of the articles HERE.

Other stuff - I’ve also joined a local writing group or two recently so you may be lucky enough to catch some more fiction up here at some point, so watch this space!

I’ll also try to keep the updates coming on this blog too every once in a while. As well as the usual film related stuff (such as my recent Top Films of 2013 article), there will be more updates on my Journey into Lego series, Track of the Week, as well as various other random bits and pieces.

The Padcast (as seen in the Double Dose entries) is currently getting a format rehaul - so expect that to be back (soonish) but in a slightly different guise.

I also plan to do more Lego based photography (as the above picture) – will probably post up a bunch of these together here at some point but for now, follow me on Instagram: Sebski_kinsta.

And just to complete this bout of shameless self-promotion, follow me on Twitter (@Sebski_Kinsta) to receive updates on what I’m up to and what I’ve published recently (no mundane tweets about what I had for breakfast etc… I promise!)

That should pretty much bring us up to speed. Apologies once again for the lack of updates here but at least now you know why!

Anyway, thanks everyone who has supported me thus far and I hope to have more for you up soon!

2nd Mar 2014

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