Monday, 26 August 2013

Double Dose of Elysium

  So we went to watch Elysium. 
Have a look below for my written review and the podcast.
 As always, check out for my official written review.

Or if you want something more in-depth and would rather listen to three guys prattling on about the film, Episode 07 of The Padcast can be found below – this week, with the return of special guest Tomi.
As usual, you can also download an .mp3 of the episode from HERE if you would rather do that.

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26th August 2013


  1. Nice review of Elysium guys. I would question one point you made. When Spider and his lads landed on the habitat and you asked why they weren't shot down. Kruger was the one who shot the initial groups down under the command of Jessica Delacourt. An act she was reprimanded for later as well as having her position as security head threatened. This was instrumental in driving her to make a move for the top job with a coup. With her occupied dealing with Krugers team crashing into the habitat Spider was able to slip in during the chaos. At least thats the way I saw it.

    Gonna go listen to your review of Pacific Rim now!

    1. Yeah man - it wasnt the fact that they got through - it was more that after they landed there was literally no security (droids etc) anywhere to be seen on the ground until the very end of the film.
      But yeah I agree with you in that there was a whole mess of things going on at that time (Kruger and Delacourt being otherwise occupied) so it does make sense - just wasnt made that clear.

      Cheers for your feedback and support!