Friday, 21 June 2013

Double Dose of Man of Steel

       Two things I’ve completed recently, both of which I have yet to share on here, are to do with the recent Superman reboot Man of Steel.

        Firstly, I’ve written a Man of Steel review for Pillowmagazine, which you can check out HERE. It’s fairly short and spoiler-free so check it out, even if you haven’t seen the film yet.
        I hope to continue writing film reviews and news bites for them so watch this space for more updates.

        Secondly, Patrick Honeyman and myself have recorded the first ever The Padcast, which is now up on YouTube for you to listen to. This is also a review of sorts but it goes much more in-depth into the details of the film, so naturally there are also spoilers (be warned if you haven’t seen it yet).
        It’s also pretty lengthy (clocking in at over 40mins) so is more recommended for those who really want to take a closer look at the film and/or like to have a discussion on in the background whilst they work/drive etc. You can click the embedded version below to listen (.mp3 download link also available HERE).

        Hopefully we will keep doing these too, so check back soon for more updates. In the meantime, LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBING will let us know if it is popular or not so go an do that! Like, right now!

21st June 2013

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