Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New mixtape! Fauxlivia's Alternate Universe Remixes

Following up my experimentation with new software Ableton, here is my new mixtape! Click the player to have a listen:

Using the new software has made the mixing process MUCH easier - with the ability to beat match quickly, tweak individual mixes between tracks as much as you want and a clear visual layout making the whole process much more enjoyable – with the added bonus of no longer having annoying bugs and sound glitches keep popping up - as I have mentioned in previous posts.

The only time I did use Sound Studio for this mix however, was for layering the samples in the intro. Although this probably could have been done easily in Ableton too, I foolishly only put together the intro after having mixed the first few tracks (as I was just playing around with the software at that point), meaning it was easier to just make the intro in Sound Studio, and then import it into Ableton as a single track, making it easier to shift the whole mix along to slot in the intro after. If that last sentence didn't mean anything don't worry about it – it wasn't that much of a big deal. Suffice to say, Sound Studio may still have some uses for me – especially for quick little edit jobs.

Onto the mix itself, similar to the last mix, this was once again inspired loosely by the TV series Fringe – namely dealing with Olivia and her alternate universe counterpart dubbed ‘Fauxlivia’. All tracks used in the mix were alternate remixes of tracks I had used in previous mixes (they can all be heard HERE)

Just as Olivia had been ‘replaced’ by Fauxlivia – who masqueraded as her ‘undercover’ for some time – I wanted to evoke the feeling of something familiar but different. Like the feeling you had heard the track before (by recognising the lyrics) but know that it wasn’t the same track. Not only did I want to capture this sense of a dichotomy – but also for the simple reason of being able to use tracks that didn't quite make the cut the first time around when I had previously found myself having to choose between several different remixes of the same song.

Of course this approach benefits those who have listened to all my mixes before – for those of you that haven’t – I guess this will just be another kickass mix! Upcoming ideas for mixes (now that Ableton makes them a much more exciting prospect) include a Summer-y one (for when the sun comes out) and artist specific ones – so stay tuned!

24 April 2012 

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