Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 and the Coming Apocachips

And here we are – now in 2012...

The year of the apocachips! Supposing the world does end on December 21st? I guess that would give you extra motivation to stick to your New Year’s resolutions and make the most of this coming year.

As for me, I’ll try and keep the regular updates coming - it’s all about keeping the momentum going – a bit of writing everyday, the easier it gets.

Looking backwards - recently most updates have been film related, but that's because I have been watching a lot of films. I’ve been trying not to simply ‘review’ films (there are a ton of places you can go for that) but try to offer some kind of insight into what interests me about a particular film I’ve watched, or some form of commentary.

The exception to this being the monthly ‘film roundup’ series, which continues to be just a quick glance at what I liked (or didn't like) about a film – which kind of sounds like a review, really. Oh well, at least they are kept short.

In fact, I still have Part 3 of December’s roundup to do – don’t worry, its in the pipeline.

Looking forward - other things beside film related stuff should also be coming up in the future. More games, music and TV related pieces can be expected, as well as more off-kilter stuff like more weird things I’ve learnt and maybe some interesting photos and websites too.

I’m also planning another mixtape at the moment – so when that's ready it will debut via the blog too.

So not really New Year’s resolutions (the real ones are a bit different for me - and secret) - but at least its some kind of statement of intent.

Oh and by the way, the whole apocachips thing is not real – ask the Mayans. It’s just a day when the Mayan calendar rolls around and resets (as its done a couple of times already throughout history) – so don't panic. Don't believe me? Look it up.


3 Jan 2012

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